The Best IPTV Service

4Gears TV is 400+ Channels, PPV, Sports, HBO and More!

The Best IPTV Service is Gears TV (save 10% coupon code is greggles) $15/month

What makes Gears TVthe best IPTV service are a few things but the main one being consistency.   No IPTV service is perfect but Gears TV does a really good job at being nearly perfect, going down a lot less than other IPTV services and the channels always loading up quickly.  

How to setup and install Gears TV How to install Gears TVApp

Gears TVallows to watch 250+ US Channels and over 100+ international channels,  Pay-Per-View, NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA League Pass, MLB Extra Innings and NHL Center Ice. Contains APK/App, Android Mobile App, KODI support.  It also Comes with StreamsRUs which gives Movies on Demand and TV Shows on Demand.

Gears TV is $15 a month and comes with everything I stated above but if you want to take it to the next level and add an even more enjoyable  viewing experience than you will also want to add the MAYFAIR PRO TV GUIDE (costs $2.50/month) which allows you to see what’s playing in the past, currently and future. It also allows you to switch categories, set favorite channels and more!

Gears TV


  • $15/month very inexpensive
  • reliable/consistent almost never goes down
  • fast channel loading
  • awesome selection of sports, movies, USA Channels
  • thousands of on demand movies
  • Mayfair Pro TV Guide


  • Missing TV Shows on-demand
  • no catch-up

In conclusion Gears TV is inexpensive at only $15/month and comes with 400+ total channels, thousands of on demand movies and best of all is consistently working and performing really well.

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How to setup and install Gears TV How to install Gears TVApp

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