5 Best and Worst Things About YouTube TV REVIEW

$40 month, unlimited DVR and 70+ channels

YouTube TV has a lot of things good things and some not so good things going for it and I’ll give you the 5 Best things and worst things about it in a moment but first let me tell you some details on the service first: 

YouTube TV

  • Costs $35/month
  • includes 40+ channels and YouTube Red
  • Local channels along with national and premium channels
  • Unlimited Cloud DVR
  • 6 Users / 3 Simultaneous can watch per account

Now that we have the features for YouTube TV out of the way let me tell you the 5 best things first about YouTube TV that set it apart from the competition

  1. Unlimited DVR: This allows you to record anything that plays without ever running out of storage and its all based in the cloud so after you record it you can skip through commercials
  2. Search: The Search feature on YouTube is amazing you can search for specific shows and movies, sports teams and you can also search and get results for YouTube content
  3. Interface: The interface on YouTube TV is simple to navigate and use and its also very fast and smooth. 
  4. Multiple Users:  You can have separate accounts for each person in the house and all of you have your own separate DVR, favorites and more.  3 Users under the same account can watch at the same time and a total of 6 users can be on the same account.  
  5. On-Demand: The on-demand library is easy to find and use with a mix of really great movies and TV shows to watch anytime you like especially if you don’t already DVR that show or movie. 

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Now we all know that nothing is perfect so let’s talk about the 5 worst things about YouTube TV

  1. No HBO: HBO can’t be added as a premium channel and is no where to be found on YouTube TV
  2. No HGTV, Travel Channel or Food Network: This is probably the #1 reason not to get YouTube TV.  Very popular networks that aren’t included nor can they be added as a premium add-on.
  3. No Fast-Forwarding:  You can’t fast forward through commercials in on-demand movies or TV shows. 
  4. Cost: The cost at $35/month isn’t outrageous but when you can signup to other services like SlingTV for $20/month you start to think if the unlimited DVR and smooth interface out weigh saving money.
  5. Only available in Select US cities:  YouTube TV is only available in select US Cities so you can’t just signup and start using it unless it’s available where you are.  Now with SlingTV & Hulu TV you can just go to their website and signup no matter where you live in the USA. 

Is YouTube TV worth it?  I’d definitely give it a go with their 7-day trial but I think it also needs more TV channels especially HGTV, DIY, Travel Channel, etc.  The overall app, unlimited DVR and most of the channels make it a good cord cutting alternative to cable.  

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