Cut the Cord and Cancel Cable FOREVER!

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Save money and watch more TV for less money!

You’re finally ready to cut the cord and cancel cable/satellite TV forever.  Don’t worry it’s not as scary or as hard as you might think.  I’ve actually been cable free for over 10 years and I will never go back.  You’ll still be able to watch everything you did before and maybe even then some.

In order to keep it simple I’ll break it into a few steps from things you’ll need to buy and services you’ll want to signup for.


  Now you probably have a smart tv but I would highly recommend NOT using the “smart” features and apps built into the TV.  I have two reasons:  One reason being its clunky and not user friendly usually and two the apps and software usually stop being updated after a year meaning the apps will break and stop working eventually.

Now that we have that out of the way I’ll give you my recommendations of the best STREAMING MEDIA PLAYERS  to purchase

Next would be what are you trying to watch in terms of content now that you’ve canceled cable.  All the same shows you watched before or maybe cut down on all that and just have the basics.


Maybe you want to reduce the amount of TV time but still have some good quality content to watch can be sized into 3 services.  

  1. Netflix: has almost 5,000 different movies and TV Shows to watch.  Also their original movies and TV shows are some of the best content available anywhere.  An easy to use app thats also extremely fast and works on streaming media players, phones, tablets and computers make Netflix a no-brainer.  Cost $7.99-$13.99.  I’d go with the $13.99 premium plan because you can watch on 4 different devices at once plus if you have a 4K television you can take advantage of the 4K library of movies and TV shows that they have. 
  2. Hulu: offers the latest and greatest TV shows on-demand from networks such as ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS and lots more!  They also have a ton of original content and movies on-demand.  Costs $7.99 with limited commercials or if you want commercial free which is what I recommend signup for the $11.99 plan.  3. YouTube my personal favorite because its FREE! (YouTube Red costs $10/month for commercial free YouTube).  Also YouTube has something for everyone to watch from old school TV show clips, video game watching, Live content, tech, travel, cooking, vlogging and so much more!

Now you could stop here and be happy and content especially only paying less than $20/month but I know some of you want Live sports, Live TV and on-demand TV shows and movies.

Live TV Streaming

There are multiple live TV show providers so lets go over the best ones

  1. Sling TV: is the budget brand of live TV streaming starting at only $20/month. You’re able to pick and choose different channel packages from sports, news, lifestyle to signup for that can be added for as little as $5/month.  It also has a health dose of free on-demand content
  2. DirecTV Now: has a great lineup of 60+ channels starting at only $35/month.  ESPN, HGTV, USA and much more!
  3. Playstation Vue:  Also has a nice pack of channels starting at $39.99/month along with the ability to add additional sports packages. 


Now for most people choosing “The Basics” and one of the “Live Streaming” providers is enough but for some of you who want a little bit more like every single channel, PPV’s, all the sports games and basically anything else, then there is IPTV.  I’m speaking specifically about Gears TV which costs $15/month and gives you 250+ English channels (HBO, ESPN, HGTV, etc), Pay-Per-View, NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA League Pass, MLB Extra Innings and NHL Center Ice and anything else you can think of.  There’s a bit of a learning curve but it’s quite easy especially if you watch my installation video – GEARS TV REVIEW and also watch GEARS TV INSTALLATION

To sum it up it should be quite easy for you to save hundreds or possibly even thousands of dollars a year by cutting the cord and following my guide.


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