Galaxy S9 LEAKS in Lilac Purple and Coral Blue colors

purple s9 plus

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus aren’t even out yet but that hasn’t stopped the plethora of leaks, rumors and news from coming out.

The latest bit of news on the Galaxy S9 has been photos of the Galaxy S9 in two different colors Lilac Purple and Coral Blue.

Let’s take a look at the Lilac Purple first 

The Lilac Purple Galaxy S9 Plus in the photo is definitely a great way to define the look of the purple for this S9 Plus.   There aren’t many purple phones in the market especially in USA and this will be a very welcome addition.  Last year we were graced with the “Orchid Gray” color on the S8 which did have some purple in it but not nearly as rich as what we see in this Galaxy S9.

Galaxy S9 in the color Coral Blue is back and should a very welcome return for customers that purchased and loved the blue on last years Galaxy S8 because this is the exact some color blue. 

Galaxy S9 full color lineup – Midnight Black – Lilac Purple – Titanium Gray – Coral Blue.

Which color of Galaxy S9/S9 Plus are you going to get?


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