Best 4K Budget Gaming TV for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro

best 4k tv


The Xbox One X and PS4 Pro are already expensive machines at $499 and $399 respectively, so getting into the 4K gaming console era may seem daunting especially when good 4K TVs cost in excess of $1,000.

That’s where the 4K HDR10 TV HiSense H8C comes into play.  It comes in three sizes 50-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch. Prices for these TVs start at $429 and what makes them so special besides the price is the technology that comes inside like HDR 10 and 4K 60hz. That technology alone can make TVs cost in excess of thousands of dollars .

Next question you might have is just how good is gaming on the HiSense H8C TV and in one word, excellent . You never get any ghosting or fragmenting just pure fluid gaming motion.  I’ve had the 55-inch version of the H8C for almost a year and haven’t had any issues.  The H8C has performed admirably. 


  • PRICE! It’s extremely inexpensive starting at $429
  • HDR 10 
  • 4K 60 FPS
  • Clear and bright
  • Speakers are pretty good


  • Only 2 of the 4 HDMI ports can handle 4k60 (the other two are 4K30)
  • Not the prettiest TV 

It’s almost impossible to find a TV with these kind of features for this price, it’s pretty remarkable. If you’re a gamer or just looking for a really good 4K HDR TV to watch movies and TV shows then you’ll be very happy with the HiSense H8C. 


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