Samsung Galaxy S9 Final Secrets Revealed

galaxy s9 comparison

Galaxy S9 ALL details are known, LG Flagship “Judy” Details

All final details on the Galaxy S9 are basically known know especially with todays leak on the camera slow motion video, 3D Emojis, stereo speakers and more.

The user leaked all unknown details on Reddit via a 20 minute AMA. We learned that the slow motion will not have 1000fps/960fps but will inclde slow motion just not as much as once though.  We also learned more info on Samsung’s 3D Emojis and how they compare to iPhone Animojis.  Also where the Stereo speakers are was also detailed so if you want to know all details make sure to watch the video down below. 

The other big story of the day was about the next flagship phone LG codenamed “Judy” which will launch ion June 2018.  Venturebeat not only detailed the Lg smartphone launch date but also the specs we can expect in this beast of a phone. 


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