Samsung Galaxy S9 5 Accessories You’ll Want To Buy

Enhance your S9 experience with these accessories

The Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus will be one of the top selling phones in 2018 and if you’re like everyone else you’ll want to accessorize your S9 to get the most out of it.


You’ll want to protect your very expensive Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus and cases are the best way to do that.  Two of my favorite cases are the Urban Armor Gear also known as UAG Cases as well as Tudia Cases.

UAG cases are lightweight, well-made protective cases that should protect your phone if you drop it. The UAG cases have well protected edges to help when your phone drops face down or at an angle offering max protection.

Tudia Cases are great because they are inexpensive, feel nice in your hand because they are slim and offer moderate protection.  I’m usually pretty careful with my phone and if you are too then Tudia cases are the way to go due to the reasons above. 

Fast Wireless Charger

Samsung Galaxy phones have had wireless charging for years now and the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus will have fast wireless charging which allows you to place your phone on a wireless charging pad meaning no cables are plugged directly into the phone. 

The Seneo Fast Wireless Charger is nice because first off its very inexpensive but it also fast wireless charges your Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.  Remember to use your Samsung wall adapter with this charger to be able to fast wireless charge.

The official Samsung Fast Wireless Charger is more expensive but gives you the confidence of a name brand and also the wall adapter is provided .  I have this specific charger and love it.


Everyone knows you can never have too many cables and USB Type C cables provide the Galaxy S9 with much need battery life when charging wirelessly is not an option.  

The BrexLink USB Certified Type C Cable are inexpensive and reliable they’re also 6.6 feet so they give the added convenience of being able to charge your phone far away from the wall.

Wired Headphones and Bluetooth 5.0

Two great things about the Galaxy S9 is it has a headphone jack, which is rare in modern smartphones and it has Bluetooth 5.0 which provides added wireless distance, lower power consumption compared to Bluetooth in the past and many other benefits

If you want the best of both those worlds Bluetooth 5.0 and wired headphone access than you can’t go wrong with my personal favorites the Bose QC35 II headphones.  These headphones also have Google Assistant built-in. Check-out my review.

Samsung DexPad

The Samsung DexPad might be the coolest of all the things that you can purchase as an accessory for the Galaxy S9 not only is it in it’s second generation but it allows you to also use your phone as a kind of desktop computer because it connects up to a 4k monitor, keyboard and mouse. What separates the second generation from the first though is that you can use your Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus screen as a keyboard and also a track pad to control what you see on the bigger screen monitor.

photo: evan blass 

Whichever accessories you do get you should be in for a good time with a very exciting and feature-rich Galaxy S9 phone. Let me know in the comments down below which accessories you’ll be getting and which ones you’re looking forward to.


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