USPS Informed Delivery allows you to see your mail in your e-mail

How to signup for USPS Informed Delivery

The USPS is not known for being technological savvy, in fact sometimes it feels like they are stuck in the 90’s.  When Informed Delivery arrived it felt they took one giant step for man and one giant leap for mankind. 

Informed Delivery is a FREE service offered by the USPS that allows you to preview the mail being delivered to your home before it arrives.  It scans in the front of the letter showing you who sent you that piece of mail. You also can see which companies are sending packages along with their tracking numbers. 


Signing up is really easy, just go to and create an account.  Then go back to the homepage on and click QUICK TOOLS , INFORMED DELIVERY and then click SIGN UP FOR FREE

uspsAfter about 3 days you’ll begin receiving emails notifying you of new letters being received that day and also packages.  You can also schedule re-deliveries, manage notifications and more!

This is truly an amazing technology from USPS that adds the convenience of letting you decide if you want to check the mailbox that day or not based off the previews you saw in the early morning. It’s FREE and provides you a tool that simplifies your life and that’s a win in anyone’s book. 

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