Galaxy S9 Plus vs Galaxy S9: Five reasons the Galaxy S9 Plus is the better phone

The Galaxy S9 Plus is a Must Buy!

The Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus were announced on February 25 and I’m now ready to share the five reasons you should buy the Galaxy S9 Plus over it’s smaller and in some ways less capable brother.

  1. PERFORMANCE: The Galaxy S9 Plus comes with 6GB RAM vs 4GB RAM on the S9.  That’s a big difference especially on a Samsung phone. The issue in the past with Galaxy phones has been inconsistent performance and lag especially after two of using the phone.  The Note 8 changed all that when it brought with it 6GB RAM and smooth performance.
  2. CAMERAS: Did you see what I did there? I wrote CAMERAS! Not camera but cameras because the Galaxy S9 Plus has dual-cameras on the back that not only allow you to take more types of photos but also native portrait mode photos. 
  3. DISPLAY:  The display size on the Galaxy S9 Plus is 6.2 inches and on the Galaxy S9 it’s 5.8 inches. That might not seem like a big difference but when you factor in how skinny these phones and easy to hold you then realize opting for the bigger screen is the smarter choice.  Enjoying Netflix, YouTube or Hulu never looked so good on this big beautiful 2K+ display. 
  4. BATTERY: The S9 Plus is bigger than the S9 so that naturally means a larger battery is also inside the S9 Plus with a 3500 mAh battery vs a 3000 mAh battery in the S9.  You should be able to eek out a few more games of Words With Friends and even watch a few more Instagram stories with that bigger battery. 
  5. ACCESSORIES:  This last reason may seem a little crazy but S9 Plus should outsell the S9 like it did last year with the S8 Plus and S8.  Meaning that the S9 Plus should naturally have a better selection of cases, tempered glass and other accessories designed specifically for it.  

I hope this guide helps in your decision on which Samsung Galaxy S9 to choose from.

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