Galaxy S9 Snapdragon 845 vs Exynos which regions will be getting which processor?

Exynos 9810 vs Snapdragon 845, Samsung Bixby Smart Speaker Release Date and Download Galaxy S9 Official Wallpapers

The one thing thats different on Samsung Galaxy phones versus other major flagship phones is that you get a different processor depending upon where you live.  you either get the snapdragon 845 or the Exynos 9810.  Here’s the breakdown of which regions get which processor

Snapdragon 845: North America, Latina America, China and Japan

Exynos 9810: All of Europe and the rest of the world – source

Samsung CEO, DJ Koh was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal and let them know that the Samsung Bixby Smart Speaker will not only be a Premium product with a premium price tag but also that it should launch in the second half of 2018.

Download the official Galaxy S9 wallpapers here

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