Galaxy S9 Plus review from early pre-order customer

galaxy s9 plus unboxing

S9 snappy performance and awesome sounding stereo speakers

The Galaxy S9 Plus isn’t even out yet but a lucky customer in Turkey got his pre-order early along with a free bonus gift of a Samsung Sports Watch.   His S9+ arrived on March 1 and it came with what you’d expect inside the box USB TYpe C Cable, same old charger as S7, AKG tuned headphones, etc.

Here are some of his thoughts on the S9 Plus overall – read the full review here

  • SPEAKERS:  “Yes, the speakers are that good. Nothing to be said there, enormous upgrade. They sound full, not tinny, very good bass. I’m definitely impressed by them. There are now 2 speakers, the earpiece functions as a speaker, plus the other one in the usual spot down bottom. They are tuned differently, the earpiece will function more or less like a tweeter and the one on the bottom will complete the sound. Alone the earpiece sounds tinny and the other one at the bottom sounds harsh and untamed. Both of them together is like a dream.”
  • PERFORMANCE: “The phone is snappy, as expected”
  • INTELLIGENT SCAN: “Intelligent scan is fast and good but unreliable, I found a good solution to that. The face scan is very fast. It doesn’t let you cover all the features for some reason. Just try to take it slow by moving your head around so it gets all your features. Delete and repeat if necessary, that improves it. If it is in direct view of the sunlight or any kind of lighting, it will sometimes register, sometimes it won’t, don’t trust it. Use the fingerprint scanner when under bad lighting. Maybe they’ll fix it with a software update.”
  • Ar Emoji is not very good”

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  1. It’s too bad that Samsung doesn’t take audio seriously on their phones. Sound is the major Achilles Heel of Samsung phones.

    1. I agree with you on audio but it hasn’t been awful and this year hopefully will be the audio we have been waiting for 🙂

      1. Hey man, i was wondering. Is the pre order package different from what we receive from retail stores ? I wish i could get some freebies,because i preorderd mine. So wishing that this could also be in my case too. Gear sport na?

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