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The Nest Cam IQ came out almost a year ago and over that time has only improved its feature set especially within the last couple weeks by adding Google Assistant functionality to turn it into a smart camera more than ever. 

I’ve had the Nest Cam IQ for about a week and wanted to give you my 5 favorite features, so let’s get right to it!

  1. Clear Video:  The first thing you’ll notice after setting up your Nest Cam IQ and is just how crystal clear the video recording is.  My wife and I were like “WHOAAAAAAA” It’s impressive and an easy selling point especially since this camera has a 4K sensor but ultimately records video in 1080P.  nest cam iq video
  2. Design: The Nest team really knocked it out of the park with the look, feel and overall design of the Nest Cam IQ. It totally fits with the beauty of other Google products such as the Pixel, Google Home and Google WiFi.  It feels premium in your hands, the glass on the front of the lens is jaw dropping and the use of USB Type C for powering the camera is a nice touch.  
  3. Face Detection: Now in order to take advantage of this feature you do need to pay for Nest Aware which can be had for $5/month which also provides you with 5 days of 24/7 video storage and also face detection.  This features lets Google and yourself identify individuals that have passed your Nest Cam IQ, so that you know exactly who is passing your camera have it be a family/friend or a complete stranger. 
  4. Sound/Speakers/Microphone:  The sound the Nest Cam IQ captures is very easy to understand.  It can capture conversations 20 feet away and you can still hear every word.  Also speaking to someone the camera has captured through your phone/tablet works perfectly as well.  speaker

Android TV App:  If you have an NVIDIA SHIELD TV you can download the Nest App and watch your Nest Cameras directly on your TV.  You can watch the cameras live or cycle through the recorded footage and watch it all from the comfort of your big screen television. android tv app

You can purchase your Nest Cam IQ at the links below 
Nest Cam IQ
2 pack
1 pack

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