Cashback just for shopping – Ebates REVIEW



Ebates has been around for years and years, but honestly I just recently got into it and it’s pretty fantastic.  You shop online from almost any store and you get cashback.  There’s 4 ways to shop one is directly through the ebates website.  You can download the ebates app for iOS/Android and shop through the app.  You can download and install the browser extension on your computer and when you go directly certain stores that use ebates you can just shop.  TRhe last way is you can add you credit card to your ebates account and shop in-store.

There’s also a bonus of $10 if you signup through my link

Also remember that if your credit card gives you cashback you’ll get that, plus the ebates cashback meaning double the cashback. 

Ebates will pay your cashback via check mailed to your address or directly to your Paypal account. 



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