Galaxy S9 T-Mobile Pre-installed Apps and Available Storage

S9 T-Mobile FTW

Usually when you buy an Android phone directly from the carrier the phone is littered with apps you don’t want or need well we get a first-hand look at exactly which apps come pre-installed on the T-Mobile Galaxy S9 and it’s actually pretty good.  You only get 3 T-Mobile apps and the usual Samsung apps and Google apps and that’s really it.  

Here are some screenshots detailing the S9 pre-installed apps

s9 preinstalled appsWe also find out the available storage on the T-Mobile S9 which ends up being 49GB

We also have news on the LG G7 and LG V40.  LG G7 will be $800 and release in May 2018.  LG V40 will be released in November 2018. photo above – source


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