Saudi Arabia has the best Galaxy S9 Preorder Deal WOW!!

best s9 preorder deal

Saudi Arabia puts all other countries S9 deals to shame!

A viewer of my GregglesTV YouTube channel by the name of Majed Alsaeedi tweeted me a photo of the preorder bundle he received from Samsung and it puts all other countries preorder bundles to shame.

Here’s what comes in the “Samsung Galaxy S9 Value Pack”

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus 256GB Storage with Exynos Processor
  • AKG S30 Bluetooth Speaker
  • Samsung Fast Wireless Charger
  • Fast Car Charger
  • Selfie Stick

s9 bundle

He got all this for $1,000!  That’s pretty incredible especially when you consider just how much an S9+ 64GB costs $839.99.  If you add another at least $100 to get 256GB storage plus the cost of everything else in the box and you’re well above $1000!

Samsung Saudi Arabia I am jealous to say the least 🙂


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