How to install Gears TV on Android Phone and Android Tablet

gears tv

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Installing Gears TV on your Android phone and tablet is really easy.

1. Swipe down from the top and click the settings gear.
2. ‎in the search bar at the top search unknown sources and turn it on
3. ‎hit your Home button
4. ‎go to this address in your browser and download and install the app then
5. ‎youre now in the Gear Launcher and tap Gears TV APK and click update and then install
6. ‎go back to the Gears TV Launcher and click Streams R Us, update and install.
7. ‎you can now open the Gears TV app and Streams R Us (located in app launcher or Home Screen) and login with the username and password you when you signed up.

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