Nest Hello Review

It’s not perfect but it’s really good!

The Nest Hello doorbell was released this past week and I’ve been using it since then and I have a good impression of how well it works and what needs some work.

The Nest Hello is a smart doorbell that retails for $229 and if you buy it from Best Buy like I did you can get free installation. Use this link

It has the ability to record 24/7 video, familiar faces, 2 way audio, night vision, scheduling, quiet time and more.  Some of those features require Nest Aware which has a fee attached to it but it’s worth it. 


  • 24/7 video recording allows me to always see what happened
  • The microphones pick up conversations very well
  • The video that is recorded is generally very clear
  • Familiar Faces is nice to get an alert on your phone to see who is at the door by spelling the persons name out


  • When people are in the video and they move a lot the video can get fuzzy
  • The person at the doorbell can hear their voice echo back when speaking through the doorbell 
  • The video when people are in it can slowdown then speed up quite fast with no reason  
  • The ability to hear the doorbell on your Google Homes doesn’t seem to be working just yet

Overall the good outweighs the bad and the Nest Hello is a fun, easy to install & easy to use smart doorbell that provides security and convenience that the whole family can take advantage of. 

If you’d to buy a Nest Hello Doorbell please use the link below and also get Free installation – Best Buy


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