How to start a vlog without breaking the bank


Start small and grow 

Everyone seems to want to start a vlog these days have it be a travel vlog, beauty vlog, daily vlog or whatever kind of vlog.  When you see some vlogs like Casey Neistat you might think you need a drone, a $3,000 camera, a $1,000 lens, $900 microphone and so on and so forth.  

Those are definitely not needed because whats most important is the content you’re providing and content on a vlog is priceless.  That being said you still need some kind of equipment to record what the content is and I’m going to list out the 3 things you’ll need to start a vlog without breaking the bank.

  1. Smartphone: Your smartphone records some pretty spectacular video and should definitely be used when starting a vlog.  I’d recommend recording video in 1080P since it still looks really good and almost everyone’s phone front and rear cameras can record in 1080P. You also don’t need a microphone since your phone should record audio pretty well.
  2. Selfie Stick Tripod: This is also a must because you’ll want to capture video from a distance and sometimes.  You’ll also want to stand your phone in place when recording video and the SelfieCom Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod is the perfect product.  It also includes a wireless remote to snap photos and start and stop videos. 
  3. Computer and video editing software: Now you could edit your videos on your smartphone but I think it’ll be hard, give results less than what you want and the screen is really small.  Hopefully you already have a computer and if you do than this is one thing you won’t need to purchase.  If you need to purchase a computer try to stay in the $300-$500 laptop range as this should be sufficient enough to edit a 1080P video.  As for video editing software if you have a mac you already have iMovie.  If you don’t know how to use it watch this video. If you’re on a PC get Hitfilm Express 17.  

I hope this guide helped you on your way to starting a vlog and always remember “content is king”. 

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