Greggles World is my new Vlogging channel

Greggles World is my family’s new vlog! 

Anyone and everyone has started a vlog. Yes, and now I’ve started one too. My wife, Michelle, has always bugged me to start a channel for kids. She thinks I’m funny and entertaining. It wasn’t until we had our first child, Finnegan Lyric, I was able to quit my day job and become a new stay at home dad. My wife, however, will still be working full time and may not witness all the moments of Finnegan growing up. 

Thats where the vlog comes into play.  It’s a channel where we can capture our lives with Finnegan and each other to share with our family, friends and the world.  We look at Greggles World as a time capsule to go back to at varying times in our lives and relive those moments.

We would love to have you with us on our journey so if you’d like to subscribe, like, comment and watch our videos here is a direct link to our channel GREGGLES WORLD



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