Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Early Release Date

The Galaxy Note 9 is getting an early release date per rumors

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was released on September 15 last year and it looks like Samsung will be releasing the Note 9 in July or August of this year.  The reason being is that Samsung is unhappy with the sales of the Galaxy S9 especially in their home country of South Korea.  It’s also to trump the sales of the new iPhone.  Source

New update has been pushed out for the Galaxy S9 with build number XXU1ARCC.  The update fixed call stability and wallpaper quality.

T-Mobile is releasing Sidekick Sneakers that are pink converse all-stars and have Sidekick written on the side. They tried tricking everyone that the sneakers were “smartphone sneakers” with built in selfie camera, speakers, screen at the bottom and John Legere smart assistant  Watch the video heretmobile sneakers

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