Smartphones with a Headphone Jack are the Best!

Galaxy S9 Headphone Jack Reminded me of my fondness for the headphone jack

One of my favorite phones of 2017 and 2018 was the Google Pixel 2 XL but one glaring hardware omission from it is that there’s no headphone jack.  In order to plug in headphones you need to plug in the USB Type C adapter and then plug your headphones into that.  headphone adapter

Iain’t missing you at all

When you have a device with no headphone jack you tell yourself all the time “Oh I’ll just use Bluetooth” or “the adapter isn’t that bad and if I lose it I’ll pay the $10 to get a new one.  Want to know something?  The most annoying thing about having to use an adapter in order to plug in headphones into your smartphone is when you’re lying in bed comfortable.  The lights are off, you’re sleepy and your headphones are right next to the bed.  You reach over to grab them and realize you need the adapter too.

I have had the S9 Plus for a few weeks now and it has a dedicated headphone jack, no adapter necessary.  It’s a great thing to have because even though I use Bluetooth headphones during the day at night I like to plug in regular old earphones and listen to podcasts or YouTube. 

The headphone jack will eventually go away with all phones but until it does I’ll still hold Samsung phones and other smartphones such as the OnePlus phones in great regard for withstanding the unnecessary change. 

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