Wyze Cam V2 Five Things I Love

wyze cam v2 footage

The Best $20 You’ll Ever Spend

The Wyze Cam V2 is seriously an amazing camera. It provides so many features and works so great and is easy to setup that it’s a complete win.

Let’s talk about the 5 things I love about the Wyze Cam V2.

1. Setup: I love how easy it is to setup. Download the Wyze Cam app, setup an account in the Wyze Cam app, plug the camera in and scan the code with the camera. It literally takes let than 5 minutes.
2. App: the Wyze Cam app is really easy to navigate. From being able to view video clips, talking via two way audio. Going through the settings and setting up the alerts and camera the way the user sees fit.  
3. Continuous Video Recording: the ability to insert a microSD card and record 24/7 video is such a great thing to have. You’ll never miss a thing. Plus recording 24 hours of video doesn’t take up much space.
4. 14 Days of cloud storage: 12 second video clips are saved for 14 days to the cloud for free. Even if someone stole your camera you’d still have access to the footage via the cloud.
5. Video and sound: the Wyze Cam V2 doesn’t have the best video and sound from a security cam but it does have very good video and sound. You can see people’s faces and writing on clothing. You can also hear conversations clear enough to know what the people are saying.
6. BONUS: PRICE It’s $20 for a Wyze Cam V2. That seriously insane especially for a camera that does so much so well. 

I would highly recommend the Wyze Cam V2 to anyone looking for an indoor security camera. There’s so many things to like about it and the price is complete icing on the cake.

You can easily buy 5 of these cams and still spend less money than buying one Nest Cam that offers less features and has a monthly cost vs all the features you get for free with Wyze Cam.


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