The New T-Mobile and What It Means to Consumers that Sprint and T-Mobile are officially merging

new tmobile

The New T-Mobile will be powerful!

If you haven’t heard T-Mobile and Sprint are officially merging.  They announced it here in this video. It’s a $26 billion deal that will create thousands of new American jobs and supposed lower prices for consumers.  In order for the deal to go through shareholders for Sprint and T-Mobile must approve this merger. Also Government regulatory agencies must approve it as well.  The deal is expected to be completed by Early 2019.   

The new T-Mobile will be the 3rd largest (125 million subscriptions) mobile phone carrier behind Verizon (151 million subscriptions) and AT&T (141 million subscriptions) respectively.  I highly expect the new T-Mobile to be very aggressive with pricing and the plans they offer to completely annihilate what we are seeing currently with AT&T and Verizon. 

I think you’ll see Family Plans with 4-lines be at $100 or less as a standard price point.  Verizon and AT&T can’t and don’t want to compete with that price point so what we should up seeing by mid-2020 is T-Mobile becoming the 2nd largest mobile phone carrier jumping ahead of AT&T. 

Coverage should be much improved as well by combining both services, you increase coverage area size and add bandwith to areas of high usage allowing for customers to gain a better overall experience with less hiccups in service. 

T-Mobile and Sprint both said that they will push 5G out as fast as possible and get it to as many places as possible especially rural America. 

Overall I expect lower prices for consumers but also getting better service.  Also thousands of new jobs created to provide the new T-Mobile the ability to not only be a cellphone carrier but also a media company that provides your home internet and TV viewing entertainment. 

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