How to Get 1 Month Xbox Live FREE Every Time

Xbox Live Free 1 Month

Xbox Live is pretty expensive at $60 a year or $9.99 a month.  Now you loving to game so it’s time that you “gamed” the system and get your free month of Xbox Live.

Here’s the steps

  1. First off you need to buy either a 3 month card or 6 month card of Xbox Live.  Find good deals for Xbox Live Cards here —>3 month cards or 6 month cards
  2. Once you receive your Xbox Live code enter it on your Xbox console to redeem it. 
  3. This is where it will ask if you want to turn on reoccurring billing.  Make sure its set to ‘yes’ and you will immediately get an additional month added to your subscription for free.
  4. Now obviously you don’t want to keep that reoccurring billing turned on so let me walk you through turning it off.
  5. Go to this website
  6. Login with your Xbox Live account at the top
  7. Next click your name at the top right and select Subscriptions
  8. Click Manage on the right next to your subscription information  
  9. Next you will see “Has Recurring Billing” click Change to the right and then click Turn Off Recurring Billing
  10. Confirm Cancellation (Don’t worry your Xbox Live subscription will work still and you’ll also get to keep that free month of Xbox Live they gave you. 

Let me know in the comments how easy this worked for you!

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