Author: Gregg

Where To Watch The Superbowl Online

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Want to watch the Superbowl online for free? Here’s where you can watch the superbowl online Phone/Tablet NFL Mobile App (Android) (iOS) Yahoo Sports App (Android) (iOS) NBC App (Android) (iOS) NBC Sports App (Android) (iOS) PC/Web Browser…

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Cut the Cord and Cancel Cable FOREVER!

hulu channels

Save money and watch more TV for less money! You’re finally ready to cut the cord and cancel cable/satellite TV forever.  Don’t worry it’s not as scary or as hard as you might think.  I’ve actually been cable…

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5 Best and Worst Things About YouTube TV REVIEW

$40 month, unlimited DVR and 70+ channels YouTube TV has a lot of things good things and some not so good things going for it and I’ll give you the 5 Best things and worst things about it…

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The Best IPTV Service

4Gears TV is 400+ Channels, PPV, Sports, HBO and More! The Best IPTV Service is Gears TV (save 10% coupon code is greggles) $15/month What makes Gears TVthe best IPTV service are a few things but the main…

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Best Streaming Media Player

Streaming Media Players have been around for years and with so many choices its tough to choose the best bang for your buck.  All the streaming media players below all have access to the same apps most people…

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How to install SETVNOW

If you’re new to SETV it’s a IPTV service that allows you to watch over 500 channels including Sports, PPV’s, Movies, TV Shows Live and on-demand for only $20 a month.  Signup here How to install SETVNOW…

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