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HTC U12 Specs + Photo LEAKED

Galaxy S9 Contender The HTC U11 last year was one of my favorite phones minus a dim screen and laggy camera software it was a great phone.  The HTC U12 looks to improve on the design and specs…

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Samsung Galaxy S9 4K 60 fps Video Time Restriction

s9 plus

S9 4K 60 fps 5 Minutes, Essential no notch screen Galaxy S9 4K Video Recording Limits One of the newest and most welcome features of the Galaxy S9 is it’s ability to shoot video at 4K 60 fps. …

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Galaxy S9 Deals Earns You 6% Cashback

s9 plus preorder

Get $60 back for buying a Galaxy S9 If you’re going to buy a Galaxy S9 do yourself a favor and first join ebates by clicking here https://www.ebates.com/r/GREGGO296?eeid=28187 By joining ebates through my link you’ll get $10 back for…

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Highest Rated Smartphone Camera

highest rated camera

Galaxy S9 Plus Bests Pixel 2 for best smartphone camera The highest rated camera seems to change every time Samsung, Apple and Google release new flagship phones and we have a new king of the mountain for best…

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Best Smartphone display ever is the Galaxy S9 | LG G7 LEAKED photos and specs

Galaxy S9 display has perfect color accuracy, also LG G7 Leaks in video and specs The Samsung Galaxy S9 has been rated the best display ever by displaymate. They said it had perfect color accuracy, 20% higher brightness…

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AT&T’s New Unlimited Data Plans 2018

Unlimited Plus Enhanced & Unlimited Choice Enhanced AT&T’s has once again changed their Unlimited Data Plans this time ever so slightly and maybe even with the customer in mind at least with one of these plans. Unlimited Plus…

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Galaxy S9 Snapdragon 845 vs Exynos which regions will be getting which processor?

Exynos 9810 vs Snapdragon 845, Samsung Bixby Smart Speaker Release Date and Download Galaxy S9 Official Wallpapers The one thing thats different on Samsung Galaxy phones versus other major flagship phones is that you get a different processor…

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Galaxy S9 PHOTOS and S9 Plus PHOTOS

galaxy s9

Galaxy S9 vs S9 Plus PHOTOS / Galaxy S9 Emoji and Super Slow-Mo Icons The Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus in these most recent photos shows off both phones side by side to give you a better idea…

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Sony XZ2 is their First Full Screen Phone

Sony XZ2, Samsung Galaxy S9 Getting 2TB MicroSD Support The Sony Xperia XZ2 is Sony’s first full screen phone. It has some flagship specs as well such as a Snapdragon 845, 1080P Full screen display, 19mp camera, stereo…

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Galaxy S9 and S9 Pricing LEAKS

galaxy s9 cost

S9 and S9 Plus Cost LEAKS, Android’s iMessage and Android and iPhone Duopoly  The last piece of info on the S9 and S9 Plus that hasn’t really fully leaked has been the cost.  How much will the Galaxy…

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